The Escavels
You Should Know/Lonely Sea
Alona's Dream adr004

The Escavels were more than just part of the Chicago garage band explosion of the early 1960�s: their influence stretches into some pretty heavy gigs, from garage legends to major label blues n� boogie bands to 1970�s cult psychedelic albums. Started in Wheaton, Illinois, in 1964, The Escavels rose out of the ashes of another suburban garage band, the Tempests. The band developed around the axis of recent Iowa transplant Stan Sherbino and Ken Utterback, a Wheaton teen who had taken up guitar after falling under the spell of rock n� roll as a kid in 1956. This single is from their lone session at Recordings Unlimited in Chicago where they cut two original songs direct to an eight-inch lacquer coated aluminum disc. The first was an original: �Lonely Sea,� a moody surfer�s lament largely influenced by the band�s love of the Beach Boys. On the other side was �You Should Know,� an upbeat garage stomper. Members later went on to join Pacific Gas and Electric.