Big Business
Big Biz Quadruple Single
Gold Metal gm001

What has Big Biz been up to lately?

I heard they spend all day huffing gold spray paint. I've also heard they had a collective
freak-out and ran off to join the touring company of "Burning Man: The Musical". My friend heard they're still embroiled in that Joe Rogan/Cameron Diaz lawsuit (DON'T ASK!). Rumors rumors rumors! There are some questions that not even a computer or fancy phone can answer. When asked to comment, Big Business will only respond that they've been busy "going viral", whatever that means.

What we do know is that Big Business has a new guitar player. That makes them a 4 piece band now. No screwing around! Said shredder is named Scott Martin. He's practically an LA legend, spending his young and handsome years playing with Crom and 400 Blows, among others. He's reportedly a terrible influence on Big Biz, but a fantastic guitar player that really makes the band "pop". He has hardly any kids or STDs.

We also know they're releasing a 4 song 12" slab of vinyl for said tour on their very own label "Gold Metal Records" (collectable!), going on a summer tour with Torche (crushing!), revamping their website and adding an online store (commerce!), and judging by the numbers of empties in the trash bin, going through a LOT of gold spray paint (confusing!).

Oh, and there's this: guitar-wizard Toshi Kasai will not be able to join the summer tour. After a long talk where the Biz stayed up all night crying, Toshi decided that he needed to stay home and honor some recording obligations. They wish he could come, but they'll be sure to do something creepy to acknowledge his absence like leave his guitar on stage with a fog machine blowing ethereal smoke at it's base, implying that Toshi is playing with them from another realm. They're probably too lazy to pull that off, but Toshi wishes Coady, Jared, and Scott a safe trip anyway.

With all those facts, what else could you possibly want to know? That they're a loud, gold-metal band that lives in LA? That they have 3 full length records out already? That they are all 23 years old and born on the exact same day? All you need to know is that the kids who are much younger/cooler than you are spending all their time texting and tweeting about Big Biz and you don't want to seem like some out-of-the-loop old fart.