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Moonrises, Rabble Rabble, Simply Saucer, T-Shirts
Moonrises-Moonrises Moonrises
Logan Hardware

Moonrises is a prog/punk/psych/free jazz trio from Chicago featuring Plastic Crimewave of longtime spacepunkers Plastic Crimewave Sound, and creator of Drag City's Galactic Zoo Dossier mag on...
Rabble Rabble-Brain Hole Rabble Rabble
Brain Hole
Logan Hardware


Spawned in the Chicago neighborhood of Logan Square, psych-grunge rockers Rabble Rabble have been known to have the loudest and rowdiest shows the city could bare. Since their first self-released LP...
Simply Saucer-Reckless Agitation EP Simply Saucer
Reckless Agitation EP
Logan Hardware


By now the deep heads and even a few squares are hip to the psychedelic proto-punk fury that is Simply Saucer. We are proud to present 4 completely unheard vintage 1975-1977 Saucer compositions on...
Simply Saucer-Saucerland Simply Saucer
Logan Hardware

Coming soon! Saucerland is the complete unearthed recordings of the Canadian proto-punks. The band that had the smallest of discographies with the largest voice is putting out the gems it held from...
T-Shirts-Logan Hardware Cloud Shirt T-Shirts
Logan Hardware Cloud Shirt
Logan Hardware


Proudly flaunt your favorite neighborhood record store and vintage arcade museum! Printed on Gildan Softstyle and available in Unisex S, M, L, XL, and XXL. Please indicate the size you would like in...
T-Shirts-Record Butcher T-Shirts
Record Butcher
Logan Hardware


New Custom t-shirt designed by the acclaimed cartoonist George Hansen depicting your favorite Logan Hardware iconic fixture Jivan' Ivan the Record Butcher! Printed on Gildan Softstyle and available in...