Logan Hardware

Moonrises, Rabble Rabble, Simply Saucer
Moonrises-Moonrises Moonrises
Logan Hardware

Moonrises is a prog/punk/psych/free jazz trio from Chicago featuring Plastic Crimewave of longtime spacepunkers Plastic Crimewave Sound, and creator of Drag City's Galactic Zoo Dossier mag on...
Rabble Rabble-Brain Hole Rabble Rabble
Brain Hole
Logan Hardware


Spawned in the Chicago neighborhood of Logan Square, psych-grunge rockers Rabble Rabble have been known to have the loudest and rowdiest shows the city could bare. Since their first self-released LP...
Simply Saucer-Reckless Agitation EP Simply Saucer
Reckless Agitation EP
Logan Hardware


By now the deep heads and even a few squares are hip to the psychedelic proto-punk fury that is Simply Saucer. We are proud to present 4 completely unheard vintage 1975-1977 Saucer compositions on...
Simply Saucer-Saucerland Simply Saucer
Logan Hardware

Available 2014-12-31
Look for this in 2014! Saucerland is the complete unearthed recordings of the Canadian proto-punks. The band that had the smallest of discographies with the largest voice is putting out the gems it...