Miracle Condition

Miracle Condition is a trio featuring U.S. Maple guitarist Mark Shippy and drummer Pat Samson, with Matt Carson (Ph.D. in Bioinformatics) on guitar and vocals. The group formed in late 2006 and quickly morphed their more experimental leanings into their own brand of cinematic, illustrative spacegaze. Where U.S. Maple was known for deconstructing rock music, Miracle Condition traffics those images seen in the moments between sleeping and waking, pushing the sonic envelope into the dream world. Layers of guitar, sheets of percussion and fragile, glass-like voices from Shippy and Carson hint at elements of the psychedelic and shoegaze genres. In the live setting Miracle Condition is shatteringly loud - the droning interrupted by Samson's uniquely expressive drum patterns. With their forthcoming release on the Tizona label on November 24 2009. Miracle Condition will undoubtedly command attention from anyone within earshot.

Miracle Condition-68 Degrees Miracle Condition
68 Degrees


Debut project from Chicago noise pioneers: Miracle Condition reconciles the dissonant abrasiveness of U.S. Maple with sublime, spacey grooves, subdued vocal harmonies and swirling sounds. Limited...
Miracle Condition-s/t Miracle Condition


First full length from Miracle Condition from Mark Shippy (U.S. Maple, Marnie Stern) Pat Samson (U.S. Maple) and Matt Carson. Initial pressing is on RTI HQ 180 gram red vinyl.